What's Vegan Monkey like?

Vegan Monkey helps you around the whole world. With a lot of easy understandable pictures you can eat whatever you want and what you don't want to eat at any rate. It may be easy as well when you see all the objects. But in what way does it work with a pre-cooked dish? No problem, with Vegan Monkey you've always got the right showing pictures with you. And of course vegan people don't only want to eat, they need an accomodation, a car-rental or various other every day objects, too. Vegan Monkey is a complete package for your travelling in any country.

In the following situations with Vegan Monkey you can exactly show what has been going on

That's okay for me:

    soy milk, almondmilk, ricemilk...

    tofu/bean curd




I don't eat:

    animal meat


    cow milk


    and a lot of other examples

With pictures e.g. causing questions like:

    is there any meat in this soup?

    was the dough made with eggs?

    is this a water or milk bun?

    is there any meal without fish sauce, too?

    have you got any icecream without milk in it?

And various photos in relation to:

    transport and trafficr


    sports and beach

    accident and disease/illness

    digital world

How did VeganMonkey arise

The idea of VeganMonkey ripened during several months while travelling as family throughout various countries. We try to nourish conscious of and healthy in order to be able to offer our children the best nutrition and food. We live vegan and always natural. It's very important for us, not to eat any genetically modified products and to reduce the consumption of sugar.

We repeatedly encountered different problems, for the most part linguisticly. In a lot of countries waiters and cooks don't speak English, neither the person at the vegetables-market. This non-understanding sometimes causes unpleasant and thrillingly situations, we can avoid now with VeganMonkey.


Viewing the book


A picture shows more than a thousand words! Here you can have a look at a couple of our pages. With your cursor key you can choose from for- or backward pages.

Vegan Monkey is a Without-Words-Book that helps you to express yourself in the entire world. VeganMonkey is THE vegan tool.


Get your Vegan Monkey!

Here you get to Digistore24? Up there you can download and pay VeganMonkey as pdf for your smartphone or tablet. Your travel can start.

Frequent questions: FAQ

1Why is VeganMonkey in German and English, although it's a Without-Words-Book?
To find the right pages quickly, there are hidden search terms in German and English on the according pages. For instance when you give in "Rote Beete" or "beetroot" into your ebook-reader, you automatically get to the requested page.
2Is VeganMonkey available as App?
No, but there's an e-book version of VeganMonkey as well. You can download it onto your smartphone and use it there with your e-book reader.
3Is it also abailable as paperbook?
Yes, you can order VeganMonkey easily and directly at our publishing company Tredition

You may also order it at the bookstore you prefer. This is the ISBN of the book:

Vegan Monkey - Your Vegan Travel Assistant ISBN: 978-3-7345-4665-5 (Paperback)

Any other questions? Go ahead!

For all your questions you haven't found in the FAQ, here you've got the possibility to send us a message.
We're looking forward to your posting!

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